Our sustainable procurement policy

Over the course of several years, L’Oréal has defined its responsible purchasing policy in a global program.

Buy&Care Program Logo
Buy&Care Program Logo

L'Oréal does not simply buy its products and the services of its suppliers. The group has a deep respect for the companies of its suppliers, their corporate culture, their growth and their employees and thus exercises a particular responsibility in this regard, covering economic, ethical and environmental aspects. Its purchases involve over 100 000 transactions, with a value in excess of the company's own assets. As L'Oréal wishes to set an example in matters concerning the environment and occupational health and safety, it is naturally attentive to the conditions under which the employees of its suppliers work. In the same way, the size of its environmental footprint does beyond its own borders, incorporating the entire production process.

Values enshrined in an international guide

The quality of the relations maintained between L'Oréal and its suppliers contributes to its long-term success. It is based on the values contained in an international guide « Our Day-to-Day Purchases », an ethics code to which every buyer must adhere. This is clearly set out in the Ethics Charter of the group and covers relationships characterized by respect, trust and loyalty. Loyalty has been a matter of choice. Over 75 % of L'Oréal's purchases are made with (local or international) suppliers who have been working with the group for at least 10 years and in some cases for several decades.

Very involved suppliers

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Report from "Supplier Day" 2012

The group supports the development of its partners through a process a constructive dialog and joint effort. In all purchasing divisions, suppliers actively contribute to the economic performance of L'Oréal through their constant research in the fields of quality, safety and competitiveness. They play a key role in developing innovative products and services for the future. They are also directly involved in the group's social and environmental responsibility program. Their selection is based on objective criteria, which allows them to meet top international standards.