Following The Decision Of The High Court Of Paris On 13 May 2009, L’Oréal Lodges An Appeal And Confirms Willingness To Favor Mediation With Ebay Group

In the case against eBay, L’Oréal specifies that the appeal lodged today against the decision of the High Court of Paris is a measure that intends to protect the Group’s rights.*
L’Oréal confirms its willingness for mediation, with the aim of defining efficient and ongoing measures to fight against the sale of counterfeit products on eBay.

The Group emphasises that measures of this type have already been put in place across other platforms. These measures are crucial for the successful development of secure electronic commerce, and reflect the expectations of consumers, online platforms, and rights holders.

*On 13 May 2009, the High Court of Paris acknowledged that the prevention of counterfeits on the online platform eBay was, in the domain of fragrance and cosmetics, facing major difficulties, and proposed a judicial mediation between L’Oréal and eBay. Unexpectedly, while L’Oréal and eBay had both accepted the mediation process during a hearing on 25 May 2009, eBay nonetheless chose to formally notify this decision, resulting in a one-month deadline for appeals. Thus, as a precaution, L’Oréal is obliged to appeal the decision simply out of respect for procedural deadlines.

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