Engineering Students Go All-Out To Win The L’Oréal Ingenius Contest 2007- The Ultimate Test In Innovation And Ingenuity - Careers

Paris, 9 February 2007 - L’Oréal has just concluded its third international edition of the L’Oréal Ingenius Contest 2007, a competition aimed specifically at engineering students. Launched in China in 2001, the competition turned international in 2005. This year’s edition has increased bringing together students from a total of seven countries: France, Germany, Mexico, Canada, the USA, Poland and China.

The international final ceremony took place yesterday evening at Le Sens in Paris, in the presence of members of L’Oréal's industrial, technical and sustainable development senior management committee.

Throughout the day, four teams of three students took part in the final of the competition, presenting their projects before an illustrious panel of eight judges chaired by Marcel Lafforgue, the group's Executive Vice-President Production and Technology.

“Tonight, we have seen incredibly innovative ideas from these students. Innovation has always been at the heart of L’Oréal because the beauty industry is a supply-driven market and therefore innovation is crucial. L’Oréal Ingenius Contest is an excellent opportunity for us to share our passion for the cosmetics industry, identify the most brilliant engineering minds of the future and renew the ranks of young engineers from all over the world,” says Marcel Lafforgue.

This year’s finalists came from Mexico’s La Salle University, Ecole Polytechnique from Canada, Universität Karlsruhe in Germany and China’s Zhejiang University (ZJU).

A total of 27 teams spent three months thinking about the design and execution of an innovative industrial project. The major advantage of this competition, apart from the fact that it teaches students more about the Group and its industrial activities, is that it makes it easier for them to access jobs with L’Oréal: Last year in 2006 alone, there were 20 internships and many recruited from Ingenius.

This year’s winning team came from Germany, ‘Team Beautiful Engineering Karlsruhe’, in front of the Chinese team (Cly-Max), the Canadians (Team Jocaree) and the Mexicans (Team Izel). The winning students from Germany won an internship at L’Oréal in one of their favourite countries.

“The L’Oréal Ingenius Contest is very important to us for two main reasons – firstly, it enhances L’Oréal’s reputation as best employer image for top quality engineers from diverse backgrounds and different countries; and secondly, we are building and strengthening our relationship in campuses between students and professors. The competition is a valuable pedagogical tool as the students are coached by managers in the industry,” says Louis Comte, the group's HRD for Industry.

The L’Oréal Ingenius Contest complements well with the Group’s two other international business games: the L’Oréal e-Strat Challenge, an on-line strategy business game targeted to MBAs and business undergraduates, and L’Oréal Brandstorm, a creativity competition designed for marketing students.

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