Béatrice Dautresme Executive Vice-President Corporate Communications And External Affairs Group

Clichy, 3rd January 2005

Mr. Giorgio Galli, Executive Vice-President for Corporate Communications and External Affairs since 2001, will be retiring in December 2004.
Mrs. Béatrice Dautresme will succeed him as from 1st January 2005.

Béatrice Dautresme joined the Group in 1972, in France.
After having occupied various Marketing responsibilities within the Consumer Products Division and then the Luxury Products Division, Béatrice Dautresme was appointed Vice-President and General Manager of our “L’Oréal Cosmetics” business unit in New York.

Returning to France in 1989, she was named General Manager of the international Helena Rubinstein brand.

From 2000, Béatrice Dautresme was placed in charge of L’Oréal’s Strategic Development, at which point she joined the Group’s Management Committee and became Executive Vice-President.

Lindsay Owen-Jones, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of L’Oréal stated: “I would particularly like to thank Giorgio Galli for his immense commitment and the international dimension which he has managed to give to External Affairs and Corporate Communications and Sponsorship actions, with some great achievements. Béatrice Dautresme will now be taking over from him: Béatrice Dautresme has had a particularly diversified and international career giving her excellent in-depth knowledge and insight into our businesses, spanning many sectors. Moreover, on different occasions, Béatrice has been involved with Corporate Communications and sponsoring projects, a suitable preparation for this new responsibility for which she has every legitimacy”.

Béatrice Dautresme, along with her new responsibilities as Executive Vice-President Corporate Communications and External Affairs, will continue to be in charge of Strategic Development.

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