Strong Growth In Sales Confirmed For First 9 Months: 10.4 Billion Euros, An Increase Of 10.2 % Group

L'ORÉAL's consolidated sales up to 30th September 2001 amounted to 10.4 billion euros.

Sales growth, based on consolidated figures, is 10.2% compared with 30th September 2000.

The positive impact of exchange rate fluctuations, which was 1.8% for the first six months, amounted to 0.5% for the first nine months. The growth rate excluding exchange rate fluctuations was thus 9.7 %.

In structural terms, L'ORÉAL benefited from a positive effect of 2.4% due to the consolidation of Matrix, Kiehl's, Carson and Biomedic.

On a like-for-like basis, i.e. with an identical structure and exchange rates, the group's consolidated sales grew by 7.3%.

The group's sales in its main branches were as follows:

  Millions of euros Growth (en %)
    Consolidated figures Excluding exchange rate effect
Cosmetics 10 112 + 10,6 % + 10,1 %
Dermatology 202 + 6,7 % + 5,1 %

Confidence for the year as a whole

In the short-term, September sales were affected by the recent tragic events, particularly in the United States. However, unless further unforeseeable events occur, the group remains confident that the impact on its annual results, as estimated on 4th September, should only be marginal.

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