L’Oréal’s Research & Innovation attends the Rio + 20 Conference

At the United Nations conference on sustainable development held in Rio in June 2012, L’Oréal marshalled its efforts by leading a roundtable of international experts.

Product liability encompasses many aspects at L’Oréal, including consumer health and security, product and services labeling , communications marketing, respect for customers’ private lives and respect for laws, charters and commitments.

On the occasion of Rio + 20, L’Oréal marshalled its efforts by leading a roundtable entitled "Green Economy within Personal care sector: the example of responsible use of Biodiversity" which brought together international experts such as Vanderlan Bolzani from the University of São Paulo (specialist in the development of active agents originating from the biodiversity of the Mata Atlantica), Daniel Sabara from Beraca (a supplier of raw materials originating from Amazonian biodiversity which involves local communities in its practices) and Sébastien Treyer from the IDDRI (Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations), an expert in global governance of biodiversity for access and benefit-sharing in the context of a green economy.

Watch here the film on responsible use of biodiversity at L'Oréal, which was screened at the opening session of these discussions:

L'Oréal research present at the "Rio + 20" summit 

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