L’Oréal supports the United Nations Global Compact

L’Oréal supports the United Nations Global Compact since 2003. This major United Nations initiative encourages the integration of social, environmental and governance principles in business activities.

The Global Compact We Support Logo
The Global Compact We Support Logo

In the framework of the United Nations Global Compact, L’Oréal's is committed to supporting and implementing, within its sphere of influence, the ten fundamental principles relating to human rights, labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.

Human Rights

L’Oréal supports the United Nations Human Rights Declaration. In particular, the Group wants to help end the exploitation of children in the workplace. L’Oréal has chosen to set the minimum age of 16 for all its employees.


L’Oréal ensures that workers' rights are respected and it contributes to the abolition of all forms of discrimination.

Fight against corruption

L’Oréal supports the the fight against corruption and publicly states a zero-tolerance policy on corruption. The anti-corruption policy set out in L’Oréal’s Code of Business Ethics applies to all employees, officers and directors and members of the Group Executive Committee and its subsidiaries worldwide.


L’Oréal has long been involved on promoting the preservation of the environment and protection of biodiversity. It is committed to significantly reducing its environmental footprint.