Hong Kong

Protected L'Oréal workshop in Hong Kong
Protected L'Oréal workshop in Hong Kong

A protected workspace for labeling

Since 2003, L’Oréal Hong Kong has counted on Sun Chui, one of four protected workshops managed by the Hong Chi Association, to do its product labeling. This company provides protected employment for adults with minor developmental disabilities.

"My Corner", a different café

In the premises of L’Oréal Hong Kong, the "My Corner" café-lounge is a place for employees to relax after work. My Corner is not an ordinary café because since the summer of 2011, it has been run by two interns who graduated from the Hong Chi Pinehill Professional Training Center, under the management of a team leader who supervises the daily work. This center provides training for people with developmental disabilities as staff in hotel service, food services, in bakeries or as gardeners. Internship opportunities are offered year round to Hong Chi Pinehill graduates, giving them the opportunity to get references for their future employers and benefit from a very stimulating environment.

"Beautiful mind", a beauty training program

With its long-term partner, the Hong Chi Pinehill Center, L’Oréal Hong Kong established a beauty-hairdressing training program for the center's students with developmental disabilities, through their teachers. This is a "train the trainers" program, given by a team of professional trainers from L’Oréal Hong Kong. In addition to the advice provided on the actual course content, the subsidiary has also helped to fund renovations to transform classrooms into hairdressing salons and has provided the products.