Company Agreement Relative to the Employment of Seniors

By signing this agreement in France in December 2009, L’Oréal wanted to formalize the existing benefits and measures in favor of seniors. The main provisions are:

  • the professional career review
  • coaching other employees and knowledge transfer
  • a more highly developed use of telecommuting
  • end of-career planning

Professional gender equality

A company agreement signed in France in December 2008 specifically sets out that "the principles of L’Oréal’s remuneration policies shall be applied without gender discrimination". For example, the group is committed to correcting unjustified disparities in salaries when identified.

Company Parent Friendly Charter

Created by L’Oréal and the SOS Prema Association, this Charter was launched in France on April 11, 2008 and supported by the Ministry of Labor. To date, 170 companies have signed the Charter. This initiative is a testimony to L’Oréal's commitment to promote a work environment where working parents can better manage their professional and family lives. A Parenthood Observatory was created to support this Charter.

To learn more about the l’Observatoire de la parentalité

Work-life balance

By signing an agreement in France in December 2008, L’Oréal wanted to formalize new commitments to promote a better work-life balance such as:

  • experimenting with telecommuting
  • a Charter that regulates the organization of business meetings
  • adapting job positions for part-time employees

"Diversity and Performance" Chair at ESSEC

In October 2007, in partnership with Air France, L’Oréal and Deloitte, a “Diversity and Performance” Chair was created at ESSEC. The objective of this research and teaching program was to develop an expertise center for diversity and to train future managers on this social issue.