Diversities in Human Resources

L’Oréal promotes diversities to make them a reality in the workplace, fighting against all forms of discrimination related to visible and invisible differences.

Taking action on recruitment

L’Oréal aims to transform its Human Resources policy regarding recruitment, in particular by adapting their procedures to make them as non-discriminatory as possible; on the one hand, by diversifying its sourcing, and on the other hand, by the objective processing of applications to ensure fair selection.

Raising awareness and training

In 2006, training on diversity was implemented for 8,000 managers across Europe. In 2011, 1,411 employees took part in the Diversities Workshop, a day dedicated exclusively to Diversity issues in the company and open to all employees and new recruits. This number is in addition to 4,000 employees who had already received the training in France at the end of 2010. At the end of 2011, in Europe (not including France), 5,146 employees, mainly managers, took this seminar, more than 10,000 people all told.

This training policy around diversity issues has since become a global initiative and is currently being deployed in Latin America and in Asia.