Socio-aesthetics therapy : restoring dignity and self-esteem

With its socio-aesthetic therapy workshops, the L’Oréal Foundation is helping vulnerable people feel better about themselves.

  • Des socio-esthéticiennes organisent des ateliers de soins, de maquillage et de médiations corporelle
  • Des socio-esthéticiennes organisent des ateliers de soins, de maquillage et de médiations corporelle

Coming to terms with the appearances

Hair loss, burns, dry skin: the side effects of cancer treatments take a real toll on self-esteem. For a woman suffering from cancer, having access to soothing beauty care or to make-up that helps her accept her appearance is far from trivial. These pleasant moments help her rediscover a more positive image of herself, regain dignity, and give her the strength to carry on. That is the whole purpose of the partnership between the L’Oréal Foundation and “Belle et Bien”(“Look Good Feel Better” network), an association that holds skincare and make-up workshops in hospitals. The Foundation is doing similar work with two centres renowned for their cancer treatments: the Institut Gustave-Roussy and the Hôpital des Diaconesses in Paris. Socio-aesthetic therapists visit hospitalised patients to provide massages, manicures and makeovers. The beneficial effect of this beauty-based therapy has been recognised by the medical community.

The benefits of bodywork

The adolescents cared for at the Maison de Solenn, a section of the child and adolescent psychiatry department at Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, and in the adolescent psychiatry department of the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris are also benefiting from the L’Oréal Foundation’s socio-aesthetic therapy programme. Aged between 12 and 20, their ailments include eating disorders, school phobia, anxiety problems and depression. To complement their medical treatment, they receive follow-up care from qualified socio-aesthetic therapists who are graduates of Codes (a cosmetology course with a humanitarian and social option), France’s first socio-aesthetics training course tailored to the medical and social fields. The individual care they receive and the collective workshops they take part in all have the same aim: they use bodywork to encourage a positive self-image, greater self-acceptance and healing.

The L’Oréal Foundation’s socio-aesthetic therapy programmes

  • 3,676 people benefited from them
  • 2,700 socio-aesthetic therapy workshops were funded by the L’Oréal Foundation in 2012