Product & Ingredient Safety

We at L’Oréal know that our consumers place their trust in us to only offer products whose safety has been thoroughly evaluated. We will never forsake that trust, which is why we ensure that all of our products & ingredients have undergone a rigorous safety assessment before they are placed on the market.

Our commitment to safety does not stop there, as the Group has also developed a remarkable platform of predictive strategies that allows us to identify new ingredients or new innovations to constantly enhance our products’ safety as well as their performance. In addition to this, our practice of listening to our consumers or other stakeholders helps us to understand their concerns and to consider these also when deciding to reduce or to remove certain ingredients.

Beyond these efforts, we also realize that some of our consumers would like to have more information about our products to feel safe using them. That is why we decided to develop this site that explains how the Group evaluates the human and environmental safety of its products, and also provides answers to some of the specific questions that have arisen about our products and ingredients’ safety.

At L’Oréal, we believe that knowing our products are safe makes for a better beauty experience.