Our mission at Sanoflore is to bring together wonders and truths. Thanks to essences distilled from organic medicinal plants, our formulas are far more concentrated in active molecules than synthetic ingredients. In the Sanoflore product ranges, potency goes hand in hand with sensoriality, and pleasure with sustainability.

Sanoflore Model

Sanoflore came into being in 1972, atop the peaks of the Haute Provence mountains of Gigors and Lozeron, where nature flourishes strong and unspoilt. The project involved Organically growing and distilling carefully selected plants and flowers. Over the years, a botanical garden, an experimental farm and a laboratory were also set up. Experts from multiple domains were also brought together: botanists, distillers, researchers, biologists... Each and every step has always been monitored with meticulous care.

Stemming from pharmacopoeia, the plants are analysed to extract all their power, their very quintessence: essential oils and floral waters.

In the 2000s, the adventure went even further with the first ever cosmetics ranges. The virtues of these plants are a source of inspiration to offer women concentrates of efficacy and sensoriality: the Wonders range to correct the signs of ageing, Nourishing Honey to nurture sensitive skin, the Delight-infused range to perfect body skin and hair, Floral Waters adapted to soothe each skin type, the Organic Mum and Baby range to share moments of tender bliss...

All the brand’s formulas are suitable for sensitive skin, free of parabens, aluminium salts, added sulphate, phenoxyethanol, bisphenol... A pioneering brand in Organic cosmetics, we work towards bio-diversity in all its forms, aiming to reduce the impact of our packaging and giving priority to local. Thanks to Sanoflore, Organic products are now as pleasure infused as they are responsible.