Roger&Gallet Enchanting the Senses Through the Art of Fragrance

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Celebrating 150 years.
Roger&Gallet, a perfumer in Paris since 1862 was founded by Armand Roger and Charles Gallet, heirs to Jean Marie Farina’s celebrated Eau de Cologne, one of the first beauty and personal care products formulated using medicinal plants. Roger&Gallet’s fragrances are inspired by nature, each with three different categories: the Art of Fragrance, the Art of Bath & Shower and the Art of Body Care, combining artistic creation, tradition and innovation in all of its products.

An Apothecary Tradition
For two centuries, the Roger&Gallet House has nurtured the art of refined fragrance. Inspired by the original Eau de Cologne by Jean Marie Farina, official supplier to Emperor Napoleon I, the creations of Roger&Gallet are derived from the authentic expertise of distilling rare plants and essential oils.

Timeless Scents
Roger&Gallet invites you on a perfumer’s journey through the heart of the most beautiful private gardens in the world. Rare natural essences are extracted for their quality and the excellence of their scent. All Roger&Gallet fragrances benefit from the power of aromachology.

Enchant Your Senses
More than pleasure, Roger&Gallet brings you a touch of luxury in your daily life. Fragrances composed of natural essential oils, soaps perfumed down to their very heart, manufactured using traditional cauldron techniques and body care with enveloping textures.

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