L’Oréal Brandstorm 2018: 34 700 students immersed into a world of innovation

After making Brandstorm into one of the world’s biggest competitions for students with over 154,000 participants from more than 60 countries over the last 26 years, L'Oréal transforms its business game into a unique innovation experience.


A 6-month innovation contest 
Entrepreneurship and innovation are two strong pillars of L’Oréal’s identity. Thanks to Brandstorm, students put themselves into the shoes of startuppers. Their challenge? Innovate first, in order to meet the actual needs and challenges faced by L’Oréal. This year, L’Oréal has charged the 34,000 Brandstorm participants with the mission of inventing the professional salon experience of the future. During 6 months, the contestants work in teams to create a concept, confront their ideas and work on the feasibility of their project. A final round gathers all the finalists from around the world in Paris to participate in a Tech Fair event in which students pitch their ideas in front of juries.

Keep attracting talents from different horizons

Always looking for new talents, L’Oréal is particularly interested in entrepreneurial and groundbreaking profiles – talents who question the status quo and aim to evolve and reinvent constantly. “Considering its way to drop students into real conditions for several months, Brandstorm enables us to identify other potentials at stake to innovate, such as open minds, persistence or the ability to work in a diverse group,” says Jean-Claude Le Grand, Senior VP, Talent Development and worldwide Diversity Officer.
Participants are encouraged to see the challenge as multi-dimensional and to compete for multiple awards in three categories: marketing, technology and CSR. Another new feature has been added in to 2018 to support diversity in teams: the game is open to every university to allow students to meet from different fields and expertise.

A long-term approach to learning
From the students’ perspective, working on innovation in a test and learn mode is increasingly attractive: The number of candidates to the adventure has more than doubled the last two years 2 years. What’s more, Brandstorm is a genuine learning process contrary to hackathons, which only offer a short-term learning experience. L’Oréal is committed to providing participants with exclusive educational resources and personalized coaching from L’Oréal’s professionals and partners.

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