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A unique evolving Indonesian beauty
While 80% of Indonesian women physically like the way they are, 82% of them do enjoy taking care of themselves. These numbers are significantly higher than the global average, which demonstrates that beauty is becoming more of an expression of identity. Women are already using on average 2 skincare products a day and between 4 to 7 make-up products.

Indonesian men are also embracing beauty products and this trend has led to the most recent dynamic growth of the men’s face care sector.

With a young population, social media is playing a key role in fueling the desire and ability to express oneself. Facebook and Instagram have become the go to platforms to share beauty tips and trends and a significant growth in the color cosmetics sector can be linked directly to these platforms. 

A strong environmental and social commitment
L’Oréal has been committed to both the community and the environment since it entered into the Indonesian market in 1979.

The global For Women in Science program is present in three different local initiatives: L’Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science, L’Oréal Girls in Science and L’Oréal Sorority in Science. These programs grant more than 1000 scholarships to fund both girls and women as they undertake research in the scientific field.

The Beauty for a Better Life program focuses on supporting underprivileged women in the community as they embark on their professional journey to become hairdressers.

L'Oréal Citizen Day encourages employees to take one paid day off a year to volunteer within their communities. Sustainability is also a key pillar of L’Oréal’s global strategy and equally important in L’Oréal Indonesia. One of the largest L’Oréal factories worldwide can be found in Indonesia and was certified 1st LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) in 2012. The Indonesian office also received a GreenShip award for its environmentally friendly workspaces. 

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