The L’Oréal Foundation supports UNICEF in fighting the famine that threatens the lives of millions of children.


Famine is threatening a number of countries on the African continent and the Arabian Peninsula – Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen and South Sudan – and has already been officially declared in some locations. In the months to come, more than 1.4 million children could die from malnutrition.

To respond to this humanitarian crisis, the L’Oréal Group, through its Foundation, has chosen to support UNICEF’s work in fighting this famine by making an exceptional donation of €100,000.

UNICEF teams are onsite and operational in each of the affected countries. This donation will provide the children and their families with:

- Mobile services to help them care for and feed themselves
- Medicines and vaccines 
- Access to drinking water and sanitation.

Last October, the L’Oréal Foundation also provided financial assistance to UNICEF to help the two million victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, including 900,000 children. These funds helped provide clean drinking water, first aid and temporary schools.

If you wish to support UNICEF’s work by making a donation, click here.

To learn more about the L’Oréal Foundation

For the past 10 years, the L’Oréal Foundation has been supporting the causes in which it believes and leading philanthropic initiatives through its two flagship programmes: For Women In Science and Beauty For a Better Life.

Through For Women In Science, the L’Oréal Foundation encourages science vocations for girls in high school, supports women in research and recognises excellence in a field where women are underrepresented.

Through Beauty For a Better Life, the L’Oréal Foundation develops and promotes programmes to help women affected by illness, poverty and isolation to regain their dignity, humanity and femininity and reintegrate into society. It does this through well-being and beauty care treatments with the help of trained professionals in medical and social contexts or through tuition-free job training for careers in the beauty sector.

The Foundation also works with Médecins du Monde, supporting “Operation Smile”, which funds reconstructive surgery on children suffering congenital pathologies, giving them the means, and a reason, to smile again.