Shoebox Santa

L’Oréal Taiwan makes Christmas a day full of happiness for underprivileged children.

Shoebox Santa

For the 7th consecutive year, employees of L’Oréal Taiwan made the holiday season full of joy and happiness by raising shoeboxes of gifts for underprivileged children across Taiwan. 
The “Shoebox Santa” event was initiated by L’Oréal Taiwan employees, out of volunteering actions. Over the past 7 years, almost 4,000 underprivileged students have received a gift of tender loving care during Christmas. Every shoebox gift represents love from the kind hearts of L’Oréal Taiwan employees who voluntarily participated in the program so that underprivileged children from rural counties can enjoy a Christmas filled with compassion and dreams. Employees who participated received not only children’s thank you cards but also feelings of warmth and good will through this event.

In 2009, L’Oréal Taiwan's Centenary Charity Project was launched to support underprivileged children’s after school classes. Starting from this awareness to help children in need, employees decided to continue the support to these children via holiday’s celebrations. Although the activity started off as a volunteer program by employees of L'Oréal Taiwan, the gift collection has expanded year by year. As employees’ families, our agencies, vendors, and even Beauty Advisors in the department stores learned of this charitable initiative, they too joined in. All the division heads also fully supported this initiative. Today, we are proud that the “Shoebox Santa” event has become a beautiful tradition of L’Oréal Taiwan. Last year, in less than 2 weeks, over 600 shoebox gifts were donated, a number that is even higher than the total number of employees.

Thanks to the existence of this opportunity in the office, employees can execute their desire to volunteer while also helping children in need. Teresa KUO from LUXE who is a volunteer and has participated in the gift donation for years delivering Christmas gifts to underprivileged children last year, said: “Maybe in the eyes of outsiders, the charity event is just a part of CSR activities of L’Oréal Taiwan. However, when I participate in this Shoebox event, I don’t think about doing CSR; there is only the thought of bringing love to underprivileged children and I really enjoy it. Doing something good is an important nutrition in my working life. I am truly inspired when interacting with children and I really feel satisfied when seeing smiles on their faces”.

Every year, Shoebox Santa is getting even better internal response, attracting more partners to join in, creating a positive ripple effect.