Infographics: Beauty Attitudes

Discover the beauty rituals of French women through the infographics below.

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In France, beauty and naturalness go hand in hand, at least in appearance. Because the true art of “Made in France” beauty is looking naturally beautiful. Any forms of artificial beauty must remain discreet, serving primarily to accentuate an individual’s existing features. French women also shy away from extreme solutions, such as cosmetic surgery: only 15% say they would consider taking such measures.

Natural beauty, of course, means natural cosmetics: French women tend to prefer beauty products formulated with natural ingredients, believing them to be more trustworthy. Using organic cosmetics is no longer viewed as a passing trend in France – in fact, six out of ten French women say they prefer products made with natural ingredients. This is well above the European average.

This quest for naturalness is part of a broader philosophy and greater general awareness. French women are more attuned to their impact on the planet – more than their European neighbors – and more often purchase environmentally friendly products.

L’Oréal shares the same standards and concerns as its customers and, through its sustainable development programme, is committed to innovating, producing and living sustainably…to share beauty with all.


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