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beauty for a better life



L’Oréal Canada launched the 1st edition of Beauty for a Better Life

In Canada, the Beauty for a Better Life program provides women with a professional qualification in hairdressing and a new chance in life. 

L’Oréal Canada and the L’Oréal Foundation, in partnership with the Women’s Centre of Montréal and Dannyco Professional, launched Beauty for a Better Life, a philanthropic program that trains women in need to become beauty professionals and take on valued positions within society.

The Beauty for a Better Life training program was born out of a strong partnership, in more than 27 countries, between the L’Oréal Foundation, L’Oréal Group subsidiaries, and other local players such as NGOs and government authorities. Its mission is to help women facing socio-economic difficulties regain self-esteem and reintegrate socially through free, top-quality beauty training programs in hairstyling, make-up or beauty care. “Beauty-related professions are not only characterized by social interaction and service provision, but are also professions where passion, creativity and imagination take center stage”, said Frank Kollmar, President and CEO of L’Oréal Canada. “L’Oréal Canada is convinced that these qualities positively impact one’s self confidence and motivate their professional development”, he continued.

Beauty for a Better Life made its debut in Canada at the company headquarters in Montreal last January 17th, 2017. “This 500 hour training program is launched with the objective of providing the participants with the skillsets, self-confidence and motivation in order for them to enter the professional trade. With quality training by our experts, long-term adapted support, including a two-week internship at one of our partner salons, and a L’Oréal Canada diploma, they will be equipped with the right tools to succeed”, explained Doriane Dalati, Vice-president, SRA, L’Oréal Zone Americas. “Our entire Professional Products Division teams are eager to be involved in this program by sharing techniques and advice and fostering collaborative work with local Canadian salons”, continued Quoc Chay, President of the Professional Products Division, L’Oréal Canada.

The participants in this first edition were all selected in collaboration with the Women’s Centre of Montreal, whose mission is to provide educational and vocational training, as well as information, counselling and referral services to help women help themselves. “Our focus is to help women earn their independence and lead productive and fulfilling lives, through personal and familial development as well as realizing professional goals”, said Johanne Bélisle, Executive Director of the Women’s Centre of Montréal. “This is why this partnership with L’Oréal Canada, is a perfect opportunity to help participants by providing them a unique training and immersion experience that will help them begin a new chapter in their life”.

Dannyco Professional, for their part has graciously donated the uniforms, schoolbags, training supplies as well as all the professional styling tools required for this program. “We are very proud to have the opportunity to contribute to this great initiative”, said Stéphanie Gougoux, Sales Director for Dannyco Professional.

The 17 Canadian participants, who all graduated last June 13th during a ceremony held at L’Oréal Canada’s headquarters with much pride, will join the 1300 Beauty for a Better Life graduates from around the world.